Looking to sell 2 bottles of Whiskey - Beam Pin bottle and Kentucky Straight Bourbon 0.7l

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    I live in Germany and my father gave me two bottles he received from an US Army Officer possibly in the 70s.

    - KY Straight Bourbon has a engravement on the bottle's side: Carl Hertzberg - Lübeck, ausländisches Erzeugnis.

    - Beams Pin Bottle has a label which informs, that it's for export from USA (James B. BEAM Distillery) and then paper seal has this identification number: 000761776.

    It appears to me that there were companies licensing or producing product for purpose and sale to american army bases in Europe.

    I would love to get assistance for my sales request here.

    Greetings from St. Pauli,


    PS.: got pictures

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