Bushmills 10yr alternative?

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    Weird question ... I used to love Bushmills 10 year single malt, the aftertaste was so good! But, I have since become allergic to grapes! This is a problem owing to the Sherry cask part of Bushmills maturation process. Is there anything out there that tastes anywhere near this that hasn't been bathing in grape  permeated casks?  Sidenote, just to give insight to where my taste is at - different beast altogether I know, but I can't stand the taste of Jack Daniels neat.

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    I tried Bushmills 10yr a few times, the finish was kind of crip and slowly dies off, really enjoyed it. 

    I know it's not Irish but I found that the Glenfiddich 12 yr bottle (https://bringmedrink.co.uk/product/glenfiddich-12-year-old/) is similar, just has a few more fruity notes to it compared to Bushmills.

    The style (body, smoke, sweetness etc) is mostly the same but Glenfiddich is just slightly 'fresher' tasting with a bit of a longer finish. 

    Not sure if you've tried it but might be something to look at instead? If you have tasted it, do you think they're similar as well?

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