Half Empty Bottles

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    Dear whisky.com users,

    As I have never met any Youtube review where people would talk about half empty bottles, now I'm asking you. Has anyone of you faced the same problem as I do almost with every half empty bottle, that the whisky inside (doesn't matter single malt or blend) is getting more spicy. And it's tipically not about alcohol sharpness, but all about smiciness. I had a Glenlivet Founder's Reserve, Glen Grant 10 YO, and many blended whiskies, that were smooth, creamy and floral when I opened the bottle, and after just a month, when I drunk the half, they got too spicy. Usually I keep bottles no longer than 3-4 months, and in a dark place, with room temperature. 

    Hopefully someone will explain me why is that taking a place.

    Thank You

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    Never had that myself - development in the open bottle for me tends toward more smoothness and less alkoholic sharpness, if any...

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