Looking for some info on this bottle of Old Suntory from the 60s

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    Hi all,

    Excited to be here and learn more about my new favorite pastime - whisky!

    I found this bottle of Old Suntory Extra Special in my grandmother's basement liquor cellar. I've done some digging around online but can't seem to find this exact bottle. I THINK it's from 1960 because the numbers embossed on the bottom look like a 6 and 0 and if I understood some of the articles I found that would indicate bottling year. If so, it would be in line with when my grandfather was in his working years and clearly (based on the amount of booze in the cellar) doing a lot of drinking/entertaining.

    So, just curious if anyone can decipher more info on how old this bottle is.

    Thank you!


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