Are these any good?

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    My parents recently brought over a bucket of alcohols which they had taken from my grandfather's when he died some years ago. Inside the bucket was 2 bottles of scotch that I had never heard of before. I did some research on the internet and came up with some wildly different prices and reviews. I don't know enough about scotch (other than I like it!) to tell if these bottles are special or not - and if I should enjoy them or try selling them. Any opinions/advice are very welcome!

    The bottles are:

    Dewar's Special Finest Scotch Whiskey of Great Age (and it has a NATO stamp on the label)

    Grand Old Parr Real Antique and Rare Old De Luxe Scotch Whiskey

    Also, I am new here so if I have posted in the wrong spot, I apologize and please let me know where to go!

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