Where's the Compass Box?

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    I've heard some very good reviews of Compass Box Blended Scotches and now I'm on the hunt to find a bottle for myself. Thing is that no one around has any or carries it at all apparently. I'm in Madison, WI and I've called all the major liquor stores around town including a Total Wine and no one has it. I never got the impression that this stuff is supposed to be particularly rare. Does anyone know if it's difficult to find in general or am I just unlucky?

    Also, if I do find some Compass Box bottles I was hoping to pick up the Spice Tree Extravaganza. Has anyone else tried any of the Compass Box bottlings and maybe have a counter recommendation?

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    @Mattjp213 My local store here in NJ has a few Compass Box choices. Spice Tree (not the extravaganza), Delilah, and Hedonism. I've tried Spice Tree and Hedonism and liked them both, although I liked the Spice Tree more. I've seen Compass Box sampler gift packs online.

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    I'm over in the Uk and outs quite easy to get over here.

    My personal favorite is The Story of The Spaniard but Hedonism is a good drink and Flaming Heart is exceptional.

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    @Mattjp213 Compass Box Peat Monster is very good. It has a lot more going for it than the peat. More complex flavor profile than most expect given the name.

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