Johnnie walker blenders batch serie

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    Can anyone help me with the blenders batch serie. It's really confusing to me. 

    red rye finish no. 1
    bourbon & rye finish no. 2
    triple grain american oak no. 3

    directors edition major peat no. 5

    directors edition the bacchus No. 6
    wine cask blend exp. 6
    sherry cask finish exp. 7
    rum cask finish exp. 8
    espresso roast exp. 9

    Why is there a no. 6 and a exp. 6? 

    And what is the difference between no. And exp.?

    Why isn't there a no. 4?

    Thank you

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    These bottles weren't sold everywhere around the globe. I passed only some of these bottles.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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    I just spotted a "red Wine Cask" finish in Tokyo yesterday. Unfortunately didn't notice the number, was pretty cheap (3,000 JPY) but didn't get chance to try. I like how they're experimenting, although I haven't liked all the ones I've tried, or rather, some of the ones I tried were pretty boring. As to why some numbers are missing, maybe they didn't release the version as planned

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