Ardbeg Bottle Codes

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    Calling all code breakers!  I have a bottle of Uigeadail and I would like to know when it was bottled.  I have searched for info on how to decipher the codes, but I cant make heads or tails of what I have.  The code as printed is:


    14009379  17:29

    Armed with almost no knowledge I would guess that this was bottled on September 3rd 2014.  If I am wrong please let me know when it was actually bottled.  My apologies if this question already exists in another thread.

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    @LaphroaigLover Sorry to answer late, but I was on vacations and took three weeks off.

    There are some distilleries which put quite clearly readable codes on the bottles. Ardbeg was known for having the L-Codes on the bottles. In the beginning L5 would have stood for 2005. But with the time it got more and more confusing. You might be right with the Sep. 3rd, 2014, because the very new bottles of Ardbeg switched to a clearly stated date and time together with a number starting with L6.

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    normally in a bottling (or any discrete manufacturing operation) line, each bottle will be imprinted with a production code. it would normally contain at least two information: the production line information (line number, station number, etc) and the time of production. in this way, any faulty products can be traced back based on the code to the exact point of place and time in the production process. from there it is possible to even trace (eg food, pharmaceuticals, etc) the ingredient batches that were used in that particular production run.

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