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    assuming a small dram at 25ml, you can well afford to have one dram every other day. 

    25 x 45% abv x 365/2 = just a tad above 2000ml

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    hwchoy said:

    I'm just curious, how many of you are in the drinking circle? seems to be quaffing quite a bit of alcohol.  do look out for your consumption, as @horst_s said, try to limit yourself to 2 litres alcohol per year.

    Nowhere near the level of risk, my good sir. But thank you for your concern! (Even though your curiosity is based on dubious logic, heh... :-/ )  I shall entertain your caution with some defensiveness:

    Firstly, we only consume alcohol 1 day per week.

    Second, there are 4 of us who are there every week, 2 of whom have fathers who also like to try every bottle, 2 of whom have girlfriends who also like to try every bottle, and we have additional guests who join us depending on the week.

    Third, and why your logic is dubious, is that the three bottles from my April 6 picture, are in my April 14 picture. The HP12 has not yet been opened. The new Speyburn has not yet been opened. The Ardbeg is at 650ml. The Talisker is at 500ml. And the nearly full Johnny Walker Red from my original post is probably going to get poured down the drain. :lol:

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