Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

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    Hello all,

    I was wondering if anyone has tried the Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. Jim Murray has recently named it the "world whisky of the year". I live in Canada and ever since this award it has been terribly hard to find and I was wondering if anyone in the international community has tried it? and what they thought? I have recently (Just today in fact) gotten my hands on 2 bottles and would love to hear what people think. I would love to see a video on it too but that may be a pipe dream.

    anyways, have a nice day

    jake klyne
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    The Northern Harvest Rye by Crown Royal is one of the finest blends Crown Royal has to offer in its line-up. It's difficult to find a batch that Jim Murray sampled (the batch of Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye Jim Murray tasted for the 2016 Whisky Bible is L5085 N3), however, the expression found today closely matches the same flavour profile.

    As one of only a handful of Candian Whiskies which is actually made from near 100% rye grain (most others are distilled from corn or wheat with rye, and other flavourings added) the distinctive flavor of Canadian rye grain combines wonderfully with the signature tastes of Crown Royal.

    With the increased publicity, finding a bottle in Canada can be rather difficult. Certainly worth picking up a few bottles should you happen across it.

    Since Jim Murray's award in 2015, the best in Candian Rye has been recently awarded to Lot No. 40 Canadian Whisky (2016 SF World Spirits Award). If you can't get your hands on the Crown, treat yourself to a bottle from the Lot.


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