Drinks By The Dram Product Review: Caol Ila 12 Yr Old

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    Another review from the Drinks By The Dram tasting flight. This time: Caol Ila 3cl sample

    Color: A wonderful golden and soft buttery blonde

    On the Nose: Again…very typical of an Islay whisky where you are greeted with an initial understanding of peated smoke that comes from the phenolic coastal infusion of the peat bogs from that region. There is a similar medicinal and antiseptic quality that one usually tastes in a Laphroaig. There is also a very familiar oiliness layered in between notes of lime and citrus zest.

    Tasting: Neat - As the dram works from the front to the back of the tongue, I tasted a very nice sweetness at first, followed by the lovely and heavily heated flavors of a true Islay: smoked ham, fresh tobacco, a wisp of vanilla and a nice oily body of burnt butterscotch and a hint of coastal salt air. For me, this dram really came alive when introduced to a few drops of water. The mouth feel was so round and robust with the vanilla really coming through. The smoke really developed to where this came closer to the Ardbeg 10 where you can taste the coastal peat bog infusion that is the fingerprint of this Islay region.

    Finish - Very clean and lingering with a wonderful simplicity of faint spiciness and warmth.

    Overall - The Caol Ila 12 year old is an incredibly robust, well-rounded and traditionally flavored Islay. For me personally, I still think the Ardbeg Uidgeadail is still THE Islay Whisky but I really did enjoy this dram for at least as a comparison and as another delicious expression of Scotch Whisky. My Malt Score: 88/100

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    Thanks for the insight. I haven't had the Coal Ila 12,yet. Maybe I write again if when I can feel what you just described.

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