Favorite whiskey taste nasty after too much ??!

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    Just starting to enjoy whiskey and was having a couple shots of fireball one night at a gathering. Then it turned into the whole handle and a half of a fifth of Jack and I don't remember half of the night but I slightly remember getting a little sick for a second and puked but then I was fine the rest of the night. Now I have tried to enjoy whiskey since and can not stomach it :banghead: where as it was enjoyable before?! What's happened and can I reverse this? Maybe mixing it and slowly getting it stronger and stronger until I can take it straight again??

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    This is an accident, which happens typically early in once lifetime. You might have suffered a poisoning from ethanol. First: Never do that again - this may shorten your lifetime and life is always too short.

    Your brain remembers from the taste of whiskey, what you did to your body. And tries to convince you, not to do it again. Our brain is quite perfect in this matter :wink: Your brain needs some time to forget this traumatic experience. By the way - I do not think that these whiskeys respectively whiskey liqueur are the best in terms of taste. They sell tens of millions of bottles every year. So these are industrial products with a limited taste experience.

    Try to reduce your intake of relatively cheap drinks and switch over to savoring (sipping) high end whiskies. This will cost the same as before, but less spirits will increase your lifetime and you will have more time to enjoy more excellent whisky.

    Life is too short for cheap alcohol.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster, Whisky.com
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