SILD Eeb and Flören: Two single cask bottlings for the brand's 10th anniversary

Exposed to the tides at the island of Sylt

Ten years ago, the Lantenhammer distillery founded its SILD whisky brand. It combines the Bavarian art of distilling with the maritime influence of Sylt. Distilled from Bavarian and Sylt barley and stored not only in Bavaria, but to a large amount also in a former bunker on Sylt and on the historic Sylt cutter Gret Palucca, SILD Whisky has its own intense, aromatic character.

"Our SILD casks are stored on the historic cutter "Gret Palucca", which rocks on the tides," explains Managing Director Anton Stetter. "This process, known as rolling maturation, leads to a more intensive interaction between the whisky and the wood, as the whisky is moved around more in the casks. Overall, it is unmistakable that the ebb and flow of the tide has a subtle yet significant effect on the maturation of our whisky. The interaction between tides, wooden casks and whisky is another example of the complexity and art of whisky making that encourages the diversity of aromas and flavours in our two fascinating single cask whiskies."

Master distiller Tobias Maier adds: "In this way, each of our approximately 500 casks becomes a unique flavour. When selecting the two casks, we therefore placed particular emphasis on ensuring that each of the two whiskies has its own character, but that together they form a unity."

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the SILD brand, Lantenhammer has now released single cask bottlings of SILD for the first time: "Eeb" and "Flören", i.e. ebb and flow. Both were matured at the Gret Palucca.


SILD Single Cask "Eeb" with 50.4% vol, matured in a Caribbean rum cask, is limited to 285 bottles and is only available in the Lantenhammer online shop and in the distillery shop on site in Hausham at the Schliersee for €119.90. The Lantenhammer distillery will also be celebrating its annual winter festival there on 18 and 19 November 2023 with live music, hot and cold drinks, culinary delights, regional craft artists and free admission to the distillery's world of experience.

Tasting notes

Colour: Bright gold Aroma: Gentle earthy peat aromas are surrounded by dried fruit notes. The subtle hints of pepper, caramel and malt.

Flavour: A pleasant sweetness unfolds on the palate with fine smoky fruit notes. High-stranded rum notes with caramelised white fruits form a complex mouthfeel with slightly astringent impressions.

Finish: Smoky malt notes culminate in a long-lasting impression of fruit reflections.

SILD Flören

SILD Single Cask "Flören" 50.1% vol, matured in 225 litre Pedro Ximenéz sherry casks and limited to 292 bottles, is now sold out at the distillery but will still be available in limited quantities from specialist retailers, according to the distillery's press release.

Tasting notes

Colour: Golden amber Aroma: The aroma of flamed wood and sweet sultana notes is surrounded by light hints of honey, caramel, vanilla and subtle floral nuances.

Flavour: Unusually complex on the palate. Sweet, fruity malt and dried fruit flavours in the foreground combine with pleasantly smoky peat notes. Spicy nuances of caramel and sultanas complete the soft mouthfeel.

Finish: The malty sweetness lingers for a long time before culminating in finely spiced smoky notes


Images: Lantenhammer