More than 50 bottles of Brora Whisky to be auctioned

Whisky Auctioneer offers the largest collection of Brora Whisky ever seen in an auction


The collector's value of the old Brora whiskies has increased immensely in recent years. Yesterday we reported on the announced launch of the Brora Triptych, a set of three new bottlings from the closed distillery on the occasion of its upcoming reopening in May. The price of a set is quoted at £30,000.

The auction house Whisky Auctioneer is also focussing on the subject of Brora whisky in an upcoming auction, but this is not about new bottlings, but about old and rare editions from past years: From April 15-19, 2021, interested collectors and connoisseurs have the opportunity to buy one of more than 50 bottles of Brora whisky at auction - or several of them, if they can afford it… You can register as a bidder here on the Whisky Auctioneer website.

Lots of collectibles from Pat’s Whisk(e)y Collection

To a large extent, this Brora Collection was put together from the holdings of Pat’s Whisk(e)y Collection (we reported here about this unique private whisky collection). It contains, among other things, all Brora whiskies that were released in the Diageo Rare Malts and Special Releases series. Particularly noteworthy is the bottle from the 41-year-old Brora from 1978, bearing the number 1. This edition was part of Diageo's Casks of Distinction program and was limited to only 60 bottles.

By the way, you shouldn't be surprised to read the name Clyneslish ion the oldest Brora Whiskies: Originally the later Brora Distillery was built and run as Clynelish, until the decision was made to enlarge and build a second, new distillery next to the old one. After the distilleries were run for a while as Clyneslish A and Clynelish B, the old distillery was initially closed in 1968, before it was reopened in 1969 under the name Brora and henceforth produced heavily peated whisky. In 1983 it was closed again.

The collection as an overview of Brora's past

Joe Wilson, Head of Auction Content at Whisky Auctioneer, said: “Few distilleries manifest more allure than Brora, and certainly none so effortlessly. It’s therefore striking to see an auction dedicated to so many rare Brora bottles. Whether you are a whisky collector or lost distillery enthusiast, this is a one of a kind opportunity to get your hands on these special Brora bottles, many of which are rarely seen on the secondary market. The Brora auction encapsulates the distillery’s past as it prepares to turn on the stills to its future with the chance to bid on complete collections and rare Single Malts created prior to the distillery’s halt in production in 1983 - a timely reminder to revisit these legendary malts and that ‘lost distilleries” are not always lost forever.”

Images: The Whisky Auctioneer