Horsemen and Archangels: Two new Signatory series

A Caol Ila and a Ben Nevis to start off


The independent bottler Signatory launches two new small-batch series in collaboration with German Kirsch Import. The single malts are dedicated to the four horsemen of the apocalypse and four archangels, thus making biblical reference. Caol Ila 2012/2022 - Horseman No.1 and Ben Nevis 2014/2022 - Archangel No.1 kick things off.

The impressively designed labels of the two bottlings reflect a sombre mood. Tom Thiel's art may already be familiar to some of you from Signatory's Viking series or from CD covers of the melodic death metal band Amon Amarth.

A Caol Ila 2012/2022 is presented as Horseman No.1. Distilled in 2012 and bottled in 2022, the smoky Islay single malt was matured for ten years in a sherry butt and two bourbon hogsheads. 1,238 bottles are available at cask strength of 58.4% ABV, uncoloured and unchill-filtered. The label presents the first apocalyptic rider as described in the Revelation of John on a white horse with a victory wreath and bow.

Eight years old is the Ben Nevis 2014/2022, the Archangel No.1. A First Fill Oloroso Sherry Butt and a Second Fill Port Pipe were used to store this Highland Whisky, which was distilled in 2014 and bottled in 2022. Signatory worked without chill-filtering or colouring and presents he whisky at cask strength of 58.5% ABV. The bottling comprises 1,336 bottles, the label of which shows Archangel Gabriel as the heralding angel, holding a scroll and a lantern in his hands .

Pictures: Kirsch Import