Glenmorangie A Tale of Tokyo with first distillery whisky made from Mizunara Oak

A high-contrast single malt whisky


For the new Glenmorangie A Tale of Tokyo that was presented today, the distillery used whisky matured in Mizunara oak casks for the first time. Dr Bill Lumsden was inspired to create this whisky by the colourful impressions that thrilled him in the Japanese metropolis of Tokyo, reports the Moet Hennessy press release.

Strong aromas combine in Glenmorangie A Tale of Tokyo with gentle sweetness, similar to the contrasts of old traditions and ultra-modernity as experienced in Tokyo. The Mizunara oak casks deliver notes of pepper, bitter cherry and coconut that mingle with flavours of orange zest, oriental incense and sweet oak. Typical Glenmorangie notes like madarine, almond and marzipan show up in the finish.

A city and a whisky full of contrasts

Dr Bill Lumsden explains: “I’m lucky to have travelled widely over the years sharing Glenmorangie around the world whilst also gathering new inspiration for whisky creations, and Tokyo has always been one of my favourite places.

I’m fascinated by the contradictions between its bustling streets and tranquil gardens, ancient and modern buildings, its many sensory experiences and its culture. My time there over the years made me wonder whether I could capture my experience of Tokyo, and these beautiful intricacies, in whisky form.”

The colourful and vibrant packaging design of Glenmorangie A Tale of Tokyo was developed by Japanese artist Yamaguchi Akira. He translated the flavours of the whisky into a playful perspective of the city, a hidden object picture that features Glenmorangie's stills alongside Tokyo Tower, Uneo Park, traditional Japanese pastimes and tall Mizunara oaks. Even Dr Bill Lumsden is hidden there several times.

Glenmorangie A Tale of Tokyo was bottled at 46% ABV without an age statement and is available at £76 RR.

Official Tasting Notes for the Glenmorangie A Tale of Tokyo

AROMA: Powerfully herbal, with hints of toffee contrasted by incense and saddle-soap, followed by a resinous note and a touch of cedar wood.

TASTE: A peppery mouthfeel leads into notes of tangy oranges and bitter cherries alongside fennel and chewy oak.

FINISH: Long and gently nutty, with hints of almond, mandarin, ground white pepper and more wood resin.

Images: Moet Hennessy