Glenfiddich 1990 Archive Collection for the German market

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A total of 11 single cask bottlings of the exclusive series will be released in 2024

In the Archive Series, Glenfiddich presents rare single cask bottlings that take whisky fans on a journey through time across all eras. 11 bottlings from this series will be released in 2024. All casks have been personally selected by Malt Master Brian Kinsman, including a wine cask from 1989, an American oak refill cask from 1990, a sherry cask from 1990 and an American oak hogshead filled by the Grant family themselves on Christmas Day 1987.

"The Archive Collection combines Glenfiddich's spirit of innovation with its rich history, celebrating the heritage of craftsmanship and honouring the transmission of knowledge and experience. Each cask in the 2024 release presents itself as a unique masterpiece, yet retains our classic, fruity and balanced style at its heart. These precious and rare casks provide a fascinating insight into the authentic soul and unique character of Glenfiddich. Dormant for over half a century, they have developed subtle layers of flavour and nuance during their maturation. Now they are awakened for the first time to reveal their distinctive character," says Brian Kinsman.

Glenfiddich aged 33 Years from 1990

Exclusively available on the German market will be the 1990 American oak refill cask, a 33 year old Glenfiddich. 146 bottles were bottled at cask strength of 57.2% ABV. It will be released from the end of June 2024 with a recommended retail price of € 3,599.99.

Markus Heinze, Brand Ambassador Germany, says: "1990 - a year that made history in Germany. I am all the more delighted that this special bottling has been selected for the German market. The refill cask gives the 1990 a full-bodied and long-lasting finish and, at 57.2%, has the highest alcohol content in the Glenfiddich Archive Collection. The oak flavours reveal tannins and give a buttery sweetness - it is uniquely silky."

Tasting notes

Nose: Rich layers of oak, savoury herbs and green oiliness. A hint of light mint adds intriguing complexity.

Taste: Beautifully oily with a silky mouthfeel. Green oak flavours reveal tannins and a buttery sweetness.

Finish: Full-bodied and lingering.


Image 1: Glenfiddich

Image 2: Florian Reimann for Glenfiddich x Net Talents

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