GlenAllachie launches first batch of single cask bottlings

Batch 1 opens a series of GlenAllachie single cask bottlings specially selected for different markets and retailers

After the presentation of their core range of single malt bottlings in July (see here), now the next bang of the Speyside distillery. Master Distiller Billy Walker himself selected a total of eight single casks to mark the start of a series of GlenAllachie single cask expressions. Batch 1 will initially be for the UK market only, with further batches for various markets and retailers to follow.

Single casks from 1989 to 2008

The eight individual casks present the spirit of GlenAllachie in different age groups, taste profiles and cask types. The oldest bottlings include a 29-year-old single malt from a Sherry butt with a rich taste of dark chocolate, toffee and bananas with sweet spices and notes of orange peel and mocha, followed by a 28-year-old from a Bourbon barrel with a taste of heather honey, pears, rose hips, orange peel and notes of dark chocolate. A Port pipe with an 11-year-old single malt that delivers aromas of Christmas cake, orange peel and spices, and a 12-year-old virgin oak barrel with notes of butterscotch, damsons and mocha, are among the youngest whiskies in this first single cask series. 

Image: GlenAllachie Distillery

Overview of single cask bottlings

1989 - Sherry Butt #100073, 60.1% abv

1989 - Hogshead #101040, 54.7% abv

1990 - Bourbon Barrel #620, 60.7% abv

2005 - Bourbon Barrel #16095, 59.4% abv

2006 - Bourbon Barrel #27979, 62.4% abv

2006 - Virgin Oak Barrel #896, 61.7% abv

2007 - Port Pipe #1856, 60.0% abv

2008 - Bourbon Barrel #24829, 60.1% abv

Over 50,000 casks in stock

The Glenallachie Consortium, led by Billy Walker, bought the distillery, which was founded in 1967, together with the stocks, from the then owner Chivas Brothers in 2017. "When we bought GlenAllachie, I had the great pleasure of checking our stock in the warehouses, and I was delighted to discover a number of excellent casks underneath," enthuses the Master Distiller. GlenAllachie produces a rich, full-bodied new make spirit that harmonises well with a variety of different casks. Walker aims to make this potential accessible to the general public by releasing single cask bottlings. "We already have over 50,000 casks of all kinds of wood in stock for our whisky to mature in, and so much more will come." We can be curious.