Roof of Elch Brewery and Whisky Distillery destroyed by flames

A fire caused great damage to the Franconian company of the Kugler family


It was not a nice Valentine's Day gift that Georg Kugler was confronted with yesterday around noon: He discovered fire in the roof of his brewery building, where the beer Elch Bräu and the Elch Whisky are produced and stored.

The quick intervention of several local fire brigades prevented the fire from spreading to the Kugler's neighbouring inn building. Local media speak of the deployment of 90 firefighters. After about an hour, the fire was under control, reports Fortunately, there were no injuries, as no work was being done in the building when the fire broke out.

The stored whisky stocks, which posed a particular fire and explosion hazard, could also be secured. The roof truss of the building burnt out completely. It is not yet possible to say to what extent the brewery and distillery, where among other things the cult whisky "Torf vom Dorf" is produced, was affected and what triggered the fire. In any case, the damage is likely to be considerable and the family business headed by master brewer and distiller Georg Kugler is not facing easy times ahead.