Whiskies you should have tried

We are often asked which single malt one should have tried. Especially if you are starting to get into single malts. There are many recommendations, but we would like to recommend these four cornerstones.

For Horst Lüning, the following four whiskies have emerged, the first being Glenfiddich 12 Years. The distillery deserves the honour of having 'invented' the single malt in modern times - that means in the 1960s - and of having brought it to the world. From the 1980s onwards, Glenfiddich emerged as the strongest single malt brand. Glenfiddich is the best-selling single malt in the world - a reason why you should try it. It is uncomplicated, light, malty, fruity, not smoky and does not taste too strongly of the oak casks in which it was matured for 12 years. Anyone who wants to try a single malt whisky can do well to try this one. In addition, it is an excellent yardstick for ranking other whiskies. The second single malt that we think you should have tasted divides opinions: it is the 16-year-old Lagavulin. It is exceptionally intense and is described by many as the most intense Scottish single malt. The aroma is enormously smoky. The distillery character is extremely strong with a voluminous body. 16 years of maturation give it many aromas from the casks, whereby ex-sherry casks were also used. You have to be prepared for extreme reactions with this whisky! The third in the round is the Macallan 12 years. Matured entirely in sherry casks. Macallan has been famous for its sherry cask matured whiskies for decades. It is considered the Rolls Royce of single malts!

After enjoying these three whiskies, you already have an impression of the diversity of Scottish single malts. The fourth whisky - an insider's tip? No, it is a whisky that Horst Lüning appreciates very much, which he got to know and love on a special occasion for himself. It is simply the whisky that you have just come to know and love personally. It is the symbolic stand-in for the whisky you have identified as your best so far on your journey through the world of whisky. And with that, you have 4 cornerstones!
Have fun exploring the wide world of single malt whiskies!