The Production of Whisky

Graphic production step Manufacture

We have summarised the production of whisky for you and supplemented it with many photos and videos. Learn which steps are necessary to turn grain into a distillate that eventually matures into whisky.

With the barley malt, whisky production starts on the malt floor. See how it was made in the past and how it is made today

After milling, the dried grain is soaked in water and the starch is converted into sugar.

The resulting sugar solution is mixed with yeast to ferment and produce the first alcohol.

All those interested in chemistry will find deep insights here!

The copper pot stills are the jewels of every distillery. Here you can find out what work they do.

Technically interested visitors learn details about the construction and operation of a still.

The cask has the greatest influence on how a whisky tastes later! And so the cask is particularly close to our hearts.