Whisky Distilleries

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Ladyburn distillery had a very brief operational career. William Grant and Sons Limited established Ladyburn in 1966. The operation did not have it's own 'distillery' as such, but was instead two pairs of stills within the larger Girvan distillery,...
Eden Mill is the first producer in Scotland which combines a craft brewery and distillery. These produce in St Andrews since 2012 Craft Beer and since 2014 Whisky.
Dumbarton was a Grain distillery built in Dumbartonshire in the 1930s. Most of the Whisky produced there went into the Ballantine's Blend and was never bottled as Single Grain. However, some independent bottlers such as Douglas Laing or Hunter Laing have...
Inverleven distillery lied on the cusp between the Lowlands and the Highlands, at the northern shores of the Clyde in Dumbarton. Inverleven distillery was built as part of the Dumbarton complex in 1938, making it a relatively young distillery.