Whisky Distilleries

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A gentleman whose name is only recorded as ‘Mr Welsh’ founded Millburn in 1807. Following the founding of the distillery, it operated (illegally) under the name of ‘Inverness Distillery’ for the first few years of its existence.
The distillery was founded by James McKilligan & Co. in 1824. The distillery was mothballed in 1983 and the last warehouse was destroyed by a fire in 1991. Read more about it below.↓
Convalmore is one of the seven Speyside distilleries that are mentioned in the famous quote “Rome was built on seven hills, Dufftown stands on seven stills”. Balvenie, Glenfiddich, Dufftown, Mortlach, Glendullan and Parkmore are the other six. Parkmore...
Glen Albyn is a now-demolished distillery that sat at the Caledonian Canal which runs through Loch Ness.
Lochside distillery was founded in 1957, making it one of the newer distilleries in Scotland. It was rebuilt from previously being a Deuchar's Beer brewery into a malt whsiky facility by McNab distilleries. McNab ran an incredibly efficient operation at...
Coleburn Distillery is one of the many Speyside distilleries that didn’t manage to survive. It was mothballed in 1985 and since the equipment was dismantled and the buildings sold there is less chance that we will ever see a Coleburn Distillery revival...