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Sweet Vanilla Caramel
Makers Mark is on the rise and needs to increase its production capacity. But they don't want to change anything to the production process. So they just multiply their existing production equipment. They already did this around the turn of the millennium...
Sweet Oak Spices
The distillery was founded in 1858 and had many names over the time. It was called Leetown, Ancient Age and now Buffalo Trace. Read more about it below.↓
Oak Sweet Spices
The two Jim Beam distilleries produce the best selling Bourbon in the world. But besides its mass products they also have different high class products in its range.
Sweet Oak Spices
When Paul Jones Jr., selling Whiskey and tobacco in Louisville, Kentucky, trademarked the Brand Four Roses in 1888, he got hands on a brand that claims back production to the 1860s.
Oak Sweet Caramel
The Heaven Hill distillery is relativity young for a big Whiskey distillery. It was founded two years after the prohibition ended. In 1935 the Old Heavenhill Springs was founded by a group of investors and the Shapira brothers. It was a great risk to...
Sweet Caramel Vanilla
Situated in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, the Wild Turkey Distillery is an exceptional example for a Whiskey distillery that follows its own vision of how Bourbon has to be: characterful, very aromatic and last but not least full of power! It hasn’t been very...
Caramel Sweet Oak
Woodford Reserve is a very unique Bourbon distillery at Versailles, Kentucky, different from others. In contrast to common Bourbon distilleries that work with continuous stills they have three pot stills here to create a triple distilled aromatic Whiskey....
Coconut Cheese Oak
Willett is a well-known name in the Whiskey business and stands for a long tradition of dealing in Kentucky Bourbon and even in producing it. Indeed - the Willett Distillery in Bardstown is a very new one and started production in 2012, after the old...
Sweet Oak Fruit
The Bernheim Distillery is located in Louisville, in the US state of Kentucky. Today, this distillery belongs to Heaven Hill.
Vanilla Sweet Caramel
The Angel's Envy Distillery, which was founded by the Henderon family, is located in Louisville, Kentucky. The special Bourbon the family produces is distinguished in its finish in Port Wine or Rum casks.
Sweet Malt
The Limestone Branch distillery is located in Lebanon, Kentucky (USA). Limestone Branch produces Whiskey for the brands Yellowstone and Minor Case.