Whisky Distilleries

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Midleton is Ireland's largest distillery and produces many well-known Whiskey brands: Jameson, Midleton, Powers, Redbreast, Writers Tears, The Irishman, Green Spot, Yellow Spot – the list is long...
Is it a marketing myth that Bushmills is the oldest working distillery in Ireland or is it a fact? Sure is that the first official license for Bushmills was granted in 1784. We know about a license for Kilbeggan dated earlier in 1757. But who can tell how...
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Founded as late as 1987, for many years Cooley was the only independent Irish distillery of its time. Since 2011 the well-known labels such as Kilbeggan, Tyrconnell, Locke's or Connemara have belonged to Beam (now Beam Suntory).
The Teeling distillery has been in the Whiskey business since 1782. The founder of the first distillery was Walter Teeling and he set up his small distillery in the Marrowbone Lane in Dublin. The current distillery is just a few hundred meters away from...
The Tullamore distillery was founded in the year 1829 in the eponymous city of the Offaly earldom in the ccenter of Ireland. The name of the Whiskey is a combination of the place and the initials of Daniel E. Williams, who was the distillery manager at...
The Waterford Distillery was created in 2015 by converting a former Guinness Brewery in Waterford, in the very south of Ireland. The distillery's founder Mark Reynier was formerly the mastermind behind the rebuilding of Islay Distillery Bruichladdich. The...
The Dublin Liberties is a Whisky distillery located in the heart of Dublin. Its location in the neighborhood of the Dublin Liberties is known for its market, brewing and distilling tradition.
The dingle distillery is a small distillery in the south of Ireland.
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The Hinch distillery in County Down, Northern Ireland, was founded by Belfast-born Aaron Flaherty, who can look back on 15 years of experience in the Whiskey industry, including at Bushmills. Flaherty also worked at various Scottish distilleries. County...