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Sweet Fruit Sherry
Named after the surrounding region, the Yamazaki Distillery was the pioneer of Japanese Whisky. Today it's still the uncrowned queen of Japanese Whisky distilleries – both in terms of production and popularity.
Sweet Fruit Spices
The Whisky distillery Miyagikyo is the second distillery beside Yoichi, on which Masataka Taketsuru based the success of his Japanese Nikka company.
Kiwi Peat Smoke
Chichibu Distillery started producing its famous Whiskies in 2008. The distillery is owned by Venture Whisky Ltd., established by Ichiro Akuto in 2004 in Chichibu, a city in Japan’s Saitama Prefecture, about 100 kilometres from Tokyo. Ichiro Akuto was...
Peat Smoke
Yoichi Distillery is one of the Nikka Distilleries on Hokkaido Island. In the meantime, Japan has built up a remarkable Malt Whiskey production that can compete with the Scots in terms of quality.
Cheese Fruit Peat Smoke
The distillery was established in 1973
The Chugoku Jozo distillery was founded in 1918.
Fruit Sweet
This distillery was founded in 1972 and is right at the foot of the Mount Fuji.
The Japanese distillery was founded in 2018, attached to the brewery of the same name. Located in the southern part of Japan, in the prefecture of Hiroshima, Single Malts are produced there on two specially made stills. The second still, a hybrid still,...