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The Harz, a mountain range in Northern Germany, is home to Elsburn Single Malt Whisky. Hammerschmiede Manufacture releases many single cask bottlings, mainly from fortified Wine casks.
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Located at the Schliersee lake, Slyrs Distillery ranks among the best-known whisky distilleries in Germany. Its name is derived from the old name of the region. The first Whisky was already distilled on the stills of the traditional Lantenhammer...
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The Liebl distillery in Bad Kötzting in the Bavarian Forest has been producing spirits since the 1970s. The Liebl family started with Bärwurz and Blutwurz Schnapps and over the years added further Brandies, Spirits and Liqueurs. In the meantime, the Liebl...
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The Stork Club distillery is located 60km south of Berlin. It was founded in 2004 and at that time still managed under the name 'Spreewaldini'. In 2017 there was a change of owner and name.
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Das Haus Ziegler brennt seit über 150 Jahren Edeldestillate.
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An ancestor of Max Wild, who runs the distillery today, began producing fruit brandies as early as 1855. The first Whisky distillation took place in 2002. In addition, the distillery from the Black Forest also produces Gin and Rum.
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No. 9 Spirituosenmanufaktur is a spirits manufacturer in Thuringen, Germany. Among other things, Single Malt Whisky is handmade there.
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Die badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus im Hochschwarzwald produzierte in kleinen Kupferbrennblasen den ersten 'Schwarzwälder Whisky'.
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