3 Years old Smuggler

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Blended Whisky
3 Years
0.7 l
Original bottling
Barrel Selection (W&M)

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11. Sep 2019
Nosing: MaltHazelnutFruitSweet
Pretty light as for a young whisky. At the beginning I got some malty, sweet and hazelnut like notes with alcoholl jumping here and there to the nose. Nothing really harsh. I can sense some green apple in the background, but it's something that is really hard to find.

Taste: SweetCaramelAlcoholFloral
Sweet and nutty with light floral notes. A bit wattery

Finish: HazelnutSweetAlcohol
Really short with hazelnut, sweetness and alcoholic notes.

A bottle of the Old Smuggler is really cheap. I've seen couple of cheaper bottles, but this one is pretty good as for its price. Haven't seen this good in this price range.
There is not much to think about - it's simple in the nose and quite good on palate. For me it's good every day whisky to mix with some coke or pour onto ice.
I'll really appreciate a dram of this whisky even neat if I'd have to make a choice between vodka and Old Smuggler.
Also I like the shape of the bottle and I really like nutts. First bottle of the Old Smuggler convinced me to whisky.

For me 2 out of 5.
16. Mar 2020
Nosing: clean, fresh, vanilla, honey

Taste: vanilla, peach, ginger, grain rich, slight bitterness, robust flavour

Finish: short mellow finish, slightly bitter

Comment: 9.99euro in my country, great value for money, easy drinkable straight
25. Feb 2016
19. Oct 2020
unknown user
09. Aug 2016