Old Potrero Straight Rye Whiskey

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Anchor Distilling
USA, California
0.75 l
Original bottling
New charred oak barrel

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23. Mar 2015
A remarkable, distinctive product and a great achievement given the tiny still and production.

Floral and spicy on the nose, perfectly integrating the new oak and greatly disguising its youth. More interesting than most Bourbons - personal opinion.
Same on the palate - big yet round, masterfully distilled, with perhaps the most pronounced grainy, structured rye taste. Perfect measures of charred oak characters enhance the rye qualities - not unlike chewing toasted rye kernels.
Intense, long finish fading on the floral rye notes.

Considerably better than the "18th century spirit", which features the same aromas, but is much sharper/harsher.
It is hard to imagine how the limited "Hotaling's Reserve" bottlings could possibly be any better. According to the master distiller, the optimum maturation is 8 years - any more and the charred oak dominates excessively.
unknown user
10. Dec 2014