High West Double Rye

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25. Jan 2019
Nosing: FruitApple

Taste: OilOakSpices

Finish: CaramelHoney

Comment: Bought a bottle of High West Double Rye after tasting son-in-law's Rendevous Rye, which was delicious. This Double Rye is also a wonderful dram, and at $36USD a good value. Full on the nose but light fruit. Not weak but not overpowering. Definitely sweet on the nose. Taste is full-bodied, touch of spice. Luscious, mouthwatering which may be the oiliness that coats the mouth. The slightly musty taste of oak comes up lightly in the back. Fairly long finish. Definitely a creamy sweet finish, long lasting. This reminds me A LOT of my favorite Campbeltown Glen Scotia Double Cask. Many of the same sweet, creamy attributes. For the money this is a delightful dram! :-) Not bad for a bunch of Yankees!!
26. Jan 2019
Nosing: Mint



Comment: My second day of "analysis!" I have to agree with "Schnazola" review of April 2015 that there is definitely a minty or soft eucalyptus fragrance on the nose!! Delightful. Rest of my previous post is germane. A wonderful dram for the money.
16. Apr 2015
Nosing: mint, perhaps eucalyptus

Taste: Christmas spices at first; baking spices as the ice melted.

Finish: Quite long, with vanilla notes evident on the retro-nasal.

unknown user
23. Feb 2013