Hankey Bannister

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Blended Whisky
0.7 l
Other bottler
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07. Apr 2015
Interesting for a value blend, a runner-up to the now discontinued Haig. Big, fruity and amazingly sweet for a value blend. Unapologetic grain contribution, but a great blend for the money, which you will use as a mixer on on ice in hot climates. Not inferior to your run-of-the-mill Bushmills or other value blends.
12. Oct 2019
Nosing: MaltFruitHoneyCaramelDried FruitRaisin
Pleasant and light. At the beginning fruity with tones of caramel. After that honey and malty notes goes to front. Not sure about fruits, sometimes it's like dried fruits, some raisins, and sometimes something like apples, maybe a bit fermented ones, like in cider, but very light and rather in background.

Taste: VanillaCaramelAlcoholAppleSpicesPepper
Sweet and fruity. Alcohol is present in taste, but not really aggressive. After couple of seconds in mouth becomes peppery and more alcoholic, but still with clear sweetness.

Finish: Pepper
Medium, peppery with a little hint of a black tea bitterness.

When I put my hands on this bottle I thought it would be just a cheap blend that can be server on ice, with some coke or other mixer, but I was really wrong. It's much better that I expected. I'd say it's better than Old Smuggler, Ballentine's Finest or couple of other blends that are higher in price than Hankey Bannister.
Definitely it's a whisky that I would not mind to drink neat

20. Dec 2016
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30. Apr 2014
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23. Sep 2014