Springbank 12 Years Cask Strength

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Scotland, Campbeltown
Single Malt Whisky
12 Years
0.7 l
Original bottling
Sherry, Bourbon
Chill filtration - Without Artifical colouring - Without

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19. Feb 2019
Nosing: Sherry Grass Peat Smoke Dried Fruit Floral Sweet Maritime Notes Fruit Malt Vanilla Apple

Taste: Spices Oil Peat Smoke Floral Maritime Notes Sweet Pepper Pear Apple Fruit Sherry Oak

Finish: Peat Smoke Fruit Maritime Notes Chili Spices Sweet

11. Apr 2020
Nosing: Fig Sherry Apple Strawberry butterscotch Nutmeg and Seaweed when inhaled further from the glass

Taste: Sherry maple Coffee Oak

Finish: Oak Vanilla Sherry Berries

Comment: Sans water, it is difficult to find much beyond sweetness on the nose - but not impossible! Just beyond the sugar sweetness (as opposed to fruit sweetness), there is some savory & spice influence. Patience through becoming accustomed to the up-front fruit sweetness is required in order to uncover this hidden layer to Springbank's 12-year old cask strength offering.

The addition of water only dampens the nose, without revealing any additional depth. But the ready formation of a Scotch mist is a satisfying consolation.

This whisky's taste experience is immediately more complex than what its slower-developing nose offers. Sweetness is immediately mixed with the bitterness of oak, and even coffee. These contrasting flavors circle each other well. Focus on one aspect, and another throws its hand in the air, demanding to be noticed.

Springbank 12-year old cask strength's finish is a nicely muted echo of its flavor profile. The same balance of sweet, herbal and bitter but without the high ABV intensity. On the other hand, sweetness is the overarching character throughout the finish with the addition of water.
01. Mar 2018
05. Mar 2018
05. Mar 2018
05. Mar 2018
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13. Apr 2018
16. Dec 2018
26. Dec 2018
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22. Jan 2019