Macallan Edition No.5

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Scotland, Speyside
Single Malt Whisky
0.7 l
Original bottling

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Tasting notes of kjrst12:

28. Jun 2020
Nosing: Black CurrantCaramelFloralSherryLemon PeelGinger

Taste: OakPlumGreen Apple

Finish: HazelnutPeachBlackberry (these fruit influences both being reminiscent of an herbal tea)

Comment: Foremost, given the distillery's reputation, The Macallan Edition No. 5 is not sherry-forward. That acknowledgement out of the way, this whisky is dominated by soft fruits on the nose and throughout the finish. And there is a floral scent that is reminiscent of The Macallan Edition No. 3.

This is the first of this Editions series that seemed to require time to settle after first opening the bottle. The variety of fruit sweetness was not apparent in the first dram poured.

At 48.5% ABV, this whisky retains it's character well with the addition of water. The nose is dampened - but not dramatically. This whisky's palate shines brighter with a dash of water. The bitter oak and alcohol bite are tempered, and further layers of fruit sweetness become recognizable.

We're half-star ratings an option, this would be a 3.5 rather than a 4. But some unique fruit influences, in the context of expectations regarding The Macallan Editions series, allows for a 4-star rating without significant overstatement.