Ledaig 13 Years Amontillado Cask Finish

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Scotland, Islands
Single Malt Whisky
13 Years
0.7 l
Original bottling
Sherry - Amontillado
Chill filtration - WithoutArtifical colouring - Without

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18. Apr 2020
Nosing: IodinePeat SmokeSaltPineappleDateChocolate

The addition of water brings a bit more Maritime Notes influence to the nose, and escorts the Sherry (identifiably Amontillado) to the fore. The sweet/salty/savory profile of barbeque also makes an appearance after time in the glass.

Taste: Peat SmokeFloralLimeGinger

Finish: CoffeeBonfire SmokeOak

Comment: Enjoyed a 30 mL sample of this whisky that I purchased in Edinburgh after a search in vain across the region for a standard bottle.

At no point was this whisky not a five-star rating. Its nose is fantastically balanced between all of the Island Scotch influences and some more unusual fruit scents like pineapple and dates. A touch of water releases greater complexity - which is worth two full stars alone, in my book.

There is not much sweetness - sugar or fruit - on the palate. The sherry influence also stops at the nose. These absences make way for the earthier tones that give Ledaig 13-year Amontillado Cask Finish outstanding depth.

I smiled when the Tobermory coffee-note finish was revealed. It is a distinct distillery characteristic influence that I find to be omnipresent across the entire Tobermory/Ledaig range.
13. Feb 2019
22. Mar 2019
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08. Jun 2019
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16. Jun 2019