Lagavulin 16 Years

The classic Lagavulin is kilned with a high smoke content in the malt. The stills are pear-shaped, so that all flavors can be passed on to the condensers during distillation. The single malt then matures in bourbon and sherry casks to completion.

The classic Lagavulin is kilned with a high smoke content in the malt. The stills are pear-shaped, so that all flavors can be passed on to the condensers during distillation. The single malt then matures in bourbon and sherry casks to completion.

Details about this bottle Edit
Scotland, Islay
Single Malt Whisky
16 Years
0.7 l
Original bottling
Bourbon, Bourbon, Bourbon, Sherry, Sherry, Sherry
Chill filtration - With Artifical colouring - With

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Tasting notes of andrewjemmott:

05. Oct 2016

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08. May 2017
Nosing: Peat Smoke Sweet Seaweed Tobacco

Taste: Oil Sweet Salt Peat Smoke Spices

Finish: Peat Smoke Seaweed Salt Sweet

I dont find it smokey on the nose on the palate, I get a light peat/earthy taste.
11. Jan 2017
Nosing: Peat Smoke Peat Smoke Peat Smoke Medicinal Smoke

Taste: Peat Smoke Salt Iodine

Finish: Sherry Peat Smoke Malt Vanilla

05. Feb 2016
Nosing: HUGE peat smoke, charcoal, earthiness

Taste: peat smoke, BBQ smoke and sweetness, iodine

Finish: medium - smoke, smoke, smoke, fading smoke

Comment: I'm not big into smoke and peat but when I'm in the mood, this is one of my go to's.
02. Nov 2016
Nosing:Peat Smoke Medicinal Smoke Seaweed Salt

Taste: Peat Smoke Dark Chocolate Seaweed Salt Spices

Finish: Peat Smoke Sweet Oak

21. Mar 2019
Nosing: Peat Smoke Sweet

Taste: Peat Smoke SweetSpices Salt

Finish: Herb Dark Chocolate

Excellent! Still not able to find seaweed or the maritime clearly but will train my tastebuds.
23. Apr 2016
22. Oct 2018
Peat Smoke Dried Fruit Mint Maritime Notes Seaweed Ham
Tobacco Leather Dark Chocolate Sweet Oak Date
Pepper Sweet Mint

06. Feb 2019
24. Feb 2019
Nosing: Peat Smoke Peach Medicinal Smoke Orange Oak

Taste: Peat Smoke Spices Dark Chocolate Caramel Tobacco

Finish: medium long

15. Jul 2019
Nosing: Sweet, sticky smoke, fresh peach, as well as citrus notes. Dark fruits and sherry very lightly lingers in background. Also the slight aroma of a fine leather shop, or new unworn shoe leather. Wow.... there is so much going on in this whisky that I am lost.... it seems every time I go back I find new aromas, none overpowering, but all there. Very complex nose. I feel like I can discern some saltiness and maritime character, but it may be my imagination, as I know it should be there. Hard to believe that a delicate and complex whisky could come from the same area as Laphroaig and Ardbeg. This is not aggressive, not "funky" with peat, but not weak nor bashful. It is like a beautiful woman in a fine dress that perfectly accentuates her curves.... this is a beautiful whisky. Sweet Peat Smoke Peach Zitrus Dried Fruit Sherry Leather Salt Maritime Notes

Taste: Sweet and spicy, dark fruits, some pepper and citrus on the backend, with well controlled smoke reminding you that this lady is hot! The smoke is not overpowering, nore are the salt and maritime characters, but they are there, like a good backup singer, enhancing the whole. This is a fantastic dram. I am very impressed with how much is here, and how balanced it all is. It is smoky, but does not blow you away, sweet, but with discretion, fruity, but only when you concentrate on it. This dram deserves to be savored, and dare I say I don't even think I would insult it by pairing with a cigar. This is a magnificent creation. Sweet Chili Dried Fruit Zitrus Peat Smoke Salt Maritime Notes

Finish: Long and pleasant. The multitude of flavors blend together slowly and subside ever so gently into a fantastic full and satisfying taste on your pallet. Mouthfeel is of a much more viscous whisky, and the finish continues this. Almost like a great old sherried dram (Glenfarclas, etc)but without the thickness in the original juice. A strange sensation, but pleasant.

Comment: I like the neighbors, but this whisky has them beat for complexness and approachability (if you can consider an Islay approachable). The nose is gentler than Laphroaig and Ardbeg, taste is gentler and even more complex than Ardbeg, and the finish is like a love one going on a long trip. Outstanding whisky, and while out of my budget for a daily, well worth the $90 price tag.