Kilkerran Work in Progress 6 Bourbon

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Scotland, Campbeltown
Single Malt Whisky
0.7 l
Original bottling
Chill filtration - Without Artifical colouring - Without

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08. May 2017
15. Dec 2021
08. Apr 2015
16. Jul 2016
Nosing: Früchte Eiche Floral

Taste: Getrocknete Früchte Rosine Eiche oak-based

Finish: medium Nüsse Eiche

Comment: Much intense than WIP 5 Bourbon, and more long-lasting:
For example, I have tasted 4 kind of Kilkerran's Whiskies: WIP 5 in Bourbon and Sherry, WIP 6 in Bourbon and Sherry. After I finished the first round of tasting and began the second round to enjoy all of them. I found that the WIP 6 Sherry, which was my favourite in all four of them, was terribly intense that I felt tired to enjoy that. On other hand, WIP 6 Bourbon was just at the point that I wanted to enjoy. That is why I only gave WIP 6 Sherry 4 stars but gave the Bourbon one 5 stars
18. Feb 2016
21. Apr 2015
06. Apr 2015
31. Jan 2016