Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack

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Jack Daniel's
USA, Tennessee
Tennessee Whiskey
0.7 l
Original bottling
Virgin, Virgin
Chill filtration - With Artifical colouring - Without

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Tasting notes of Doug_Potter:

30. Dec 2017

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28. Jul 2015
Very strong paint aroma, smooth, sweet, caramel
Smooth, oily, malted butter, sweet, light spicy
Medium, sweet
Vanilla Caramel
Sweet Oil
15. May 2018
Airfix glue, here I come! Back in the mists of time, the classic Old No. 7 was my first review. Does double filtration through charcoal make this Tennessee whiskey any better? Well, the nose is less rough and almost pleasant with notes of caramelized popcorn, syrup and nail polish. Is 'diabetic' a valid descriptor? Sugary, oily and slightly minty, the taste is rather one-dimensional with fresh oak spices, the expected spiritiness and a quickly fading finish. Granted, Gentleman Jack is a step up from the basic, mass-produced Jack Daniel's - but it's a small one.
RATING: 2.5/5.0 ≙ 74 pts
19. Aug 2017
Nosing: Fruit Grape Pear Herbs Cherry Banana Vanilla Honey Oak Spices

Taste: Oil Sweet Caramel Cherry Hay Barley Spices

Finish: medium Oak Spices Sweet

02. Nov 2016
Nosing: Oak Vanilla Caramel Sweet

Taste: Caramel Sweet Oak Oil

Finish: Sweet Caramel

15. Apr 2019
Nosing: Sweet Fruit Banana Vanilla Caramel slight Solvent/Glue

Taste: smooth Oil light-buttered corn, Sweet light Oak Spices

Finish: Medium Finish Oak Spices Peat Smoke Alcohol

Comment: Two or three steps up from Old Number 7. Technically this should be a 3.5 to a 3.6, but I rounded up to a 4.0. Not bottom shelf but more of a medium shelf whiskey, or bourbon. More like what Old Number 7 used to be before they cut it to 40% ABV, but still better than Old Number 7 ever was, or Green Label Jack.. Good for sipping with one ounce of Gentleman Jack and three ounces of water. Good for sipping neat. Also very acceptable in Coca-Cola, and or Seven-Up. This will not stack up against the Single Barrel Select Jack Daniels, or the Single Barrel Proof Jack Daniels, as these are in a different league. So Gentleman Jack is now my bottom end in the Jack Daniels line up; sorry Old Number 7 you were good while you were good.
27. Dec 2015
05. Aug 2019
Nosing: Sweet Caramel


Finish: Sweet Vanilla Caramel

24. Jan 2018
Nosing: CaramelVanilla :light oak:

Taste: Almonds Oil light vanilla:

Finish: Medium: light oak: sweet