Highland Park 12 Years

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Highland Park
Scotland, Islands
Single Malt Whisky
12 Years
0.7 l
Original bottling
Bourbon, Sherry, Sherry, Sherry Refill
Chill filtration - With Artifical colouring - Without

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05. Dec 2018

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28. Jul 2015
Sherry, sweet, slight peat smoke, fresh orange, orange peal, heather, vanilla
Oak, light bitter, sweet, spicy, light maltiness, peat smoke
Heather, honey, sweetness, peaty smokiness
Rounded smoky sweetness, full malt delivery
Sweet and lingering with heathery notes and subtle smoke

09. Dec 2017
10. Oct 2016
Considered as being the great all-rounder, Highland Park 12 combines distinctive features of Speyside, Highland and Islay whiskies. The nose has a complex range of flavors and is well-balanced. Sweet caramel and honey notes are complemented by delicate twig bonfire smoke and a hint of sherry cask maturation. Tastewise, it starts sweet with full-bodied maltiness before turning dry, aromatic and mildly peaty in the prolonged finish - a unique feature of Highland Park. Altogether, a quality Single Malt that would benefit from higher bottling strength and no chill filtering.
RATING: 3.9/5.0 ≙ 87 pts
21. Aug 2016
Nosing: Fruit Floral Sherry Heather Sweet Peat Smoke Malt Honey Vanilla Spices

Taste: Peat Smoke Sweet Sherry Malt Oak Spices Orange Floral

Finish: Spices Peat Smoke Malt Sweet Heather Vanilla Fruit Orange Sweet Salt

16. Apr 2016
Sherry Peat Smoke Sweet Orange Chocolate Honey Spices
The nose is immediately sherry driven, with a light smokiness in the background. There are savoury spice notes (cardamom?) and a chocolatey/cocoa note also.

Peat Smoke Sherry Lemon Spices Honey Oak
Sweet sherry arrival with citrus and spice. The smokiness is quite noticeable but not nearly as strong as Islay malts. There's a significant oakiness and maybe a little saltiness towards the finish.

Oak Spices
Medium length with spicy oak and very slightly bitter.

I don't know if its just my taste in whisky changing, but I don't think this is quite as good as I remember it in the past. The nose is very pretty and quite complex, but I remember the finish being better. Its still pretty consistent though and one of the reliable mid smokiness options out there, and the price is right as always.
Nosing: Peat Smoke Tobacco Orange Sherry Vanilla Oak

Taste: Oak Nutmeg Tobacco Peach Peat Smoke Mint

Finish: Green Apple Orange Oak

Comment: I wasn't expecting much to be honest but I am very impressed at how well rounded this is! Complex flavours from start to finish touching all the spectrum. Great stuff!
08. Nov 2017
Orange Sweet Peat Smoke Peach Almonds Peat Smoke Malt
Peat Smoke Spices Chili Sweet
very easy drinking, but rather simple
01. Jan 2017
31. May 2017
Nosing: lightPeat Smoke Pineapple Honey Sweet Vanilla Spices Fruit Orange Sherry Herbs Hazelnut Floral Peach Pear

Taste: OakSpices faint smoke Malt Fruit Apple Sweet Vanilla Peach Orange Nuts mouth-watering

Finish: Spices Pepper Oak Sweet Malt long Grass Vanilla