Golden Horse Bushu 武州, Toa Shuzo

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Blended Whiskey
0.7 l
Original bottling
Chill filtration - With

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08. Mar 2020
1384) Golden Horse, Bushu 武州, Toa Shuzo

N- The Hanyu refer to the city where TS operates, has nothing to do the the elusive HY. World Blended of Scotch Malt Whisky + Japanese Grain. Soft fresh peaches leading up to sharp edges. Then pear drop candy, wild flower and candid talcum powder. Blow in some cardboard nuance, with hint of tar notes and soft traces of peat. (84/18)

P- Sweet nuttiness with sourish fruits, citrus, well diluted lemon extract, canned syrup and gingery heat. Then puffy young spirit, raw oak and tart fruits arrives and having their carnival... (80/17)

F- Medium, dry initially but feeling the sugary notes at tail. (80/17)

B/B- 80/17 Basic young blended whisky. Kudos to the strength with nice calligraphy font on the label...but just that. Apprentice level, plenty of room to improve.

Weighted Rate- 69pt

Cr-1, Fr-2, Fl-2, Pt-1, Ft-2, Sp-0, Wd-1, Wn-1, Sc-1
— at The Whisky Bar, Kuala Lumpur.