Glen Keith 24 Years - 1993 15th Release

Bottler - Eiling Lim 林
15th Release

Bottler - Eiling Lim 林
15th Release

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Glen Keith
Scotland, Speyside
Single Malt Whisky
24 Years
0.7 l
Other bottler
96 Bottles
Chill filtration - Without Artifical colouring - Without

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07. Mar 2020
1387) Glen Keith 1993/2007, 24YO, Eiling Lim 林, 15th Release

N- This sample has been sitting in my cupboard over a year, always wanted to try it but end up "keep this for next times" subconsciously. Quintessential Glen Keith with no surprises with the gummy, wood phenol and hot honey, except this appeared much lighter in a good way and elegant. Lemon creme brulee, mesmerizing sweaty sweet with nutty toasted oak. (90/22)

P- Elegance prevails to palate, oakiness ferrying the well aged goodies of woody waxy honey, bitter chocolate with whiff of bitter menthol phenol. Spicy dry and citrus lasted well and long on palate. (92/23)

F- Long, relatable to caramelized citrus, rum and spices. Neither heavy nor full, is light but with endless depth and rooms to harbors all flavours, and revealing itself in a gentle pace. (93/23)

B/B- 92/23. Lovely, well nurtured and remains humble. Not a hammerhead but with amazing depth.

Weighted Rate- 91pt

Cr-1, Fr-3, Fl-1, Pt-0, Ft-3, Sp-0, Wd-4, Wn-3, Sc-2
— at The Whisky Bar, Kuala Lumpur.
Oak Nuts Lemon Lemon Peel Honey Cake Chocolate Spices