Bunnahabhain Ceobanach Batch 2

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Scotland, Islay
Single Malt Whisky
0.7 l
Original bottling
Ex Bourbon
Chill filtration - Without Artifical colouring - Without

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07. Dec 2016
Nosing: Peat Smoke Seaweed Ham Lemon
The nose is fresh and smoky (but not overpoweringly so). There's a definite citrus fruitiness and a savoury seaweed type character. I also get a big hit of smoked ham.

Taste: Peat Smoke Sweet Caramel Pepper
Sweet intense arrival. Much more smoky than the nose suggests. Develops into spiciness, black pepper, burnt caramel.

Finish: Peat Smoke Oak Pepper Sweet
Long and intense, still spicy, oakiness makes an appearance, ends with lingering sweetness.

I picked this up because I'm a fan of the standard release of Bunnahabhain and wanted to see what the more heavily peated version would be like. Its definitely more intense on the smoke, but still retains a bit of the sublety you get in the standard release. It won't be blowing your head off like a Laphroaig. The strength is just right too, very well judged and no water required.
18. Nov 2017
Nosing: Peat Smoke Peat Smoke Peat Smoke Fruit Sweet Vanilla Medicinal Smoke Leather Seaweed Alcohol Apple Pear Lemon

Taste: Pepper Spices Oak Peat Smoke Sweet Salt Fruit Orange

Finish: Salt Salt Pepper Spices Malt Peat Smoke

Comment: this is good
11. Jun 2016
29. May 2016
13. Oct 2016