Bells Original

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Blended Whisky
0.7 l
Original bottling
Oak Cask
Artifical colouring - With

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10. Oct 2016
To come straight to the point, Bell's Original is cheap bottom shelf Blended Scotch that shouldn’t be tried neat. The nose is barely there at all. Indistinctly sweet and distant floral notes are suppressed by biting alcohol burn. There is a faint hint of smoke and weak bitter sweetness on the palate, but the industrial grain alcohol dominates it all. It's needless to speak of the finish. The rough and metallic aftertaste underscores that Bell's is only useful as mix and stir whisky (although there are much better options!), or to fuel your engine when you have run out of petrol.
RATING: 1.5/5.0 ≙ 50 pts

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01. Nov 2018
Nosing: Malt Alcohol Peat Smoke
There is not much to say about the nose. There is a lot of alcohol, malt/grain in it. Also it's possible to find some hint of of smoke, but mostly covered by light floral notes. Whisky is pretty volatile.

Taste: Alcohol Sweet Oak
At the beginning of sipping it sweet. Right after strong alcohol kicks in dominating all the taste. An oak is rather well marked in the spirit, but does not stay long on the tongue or palate.

Finish: Oak Alcohol Dark Chocolate
Aftertaste is rather smooth, not very long and oaky. Some dark chocolate appears at the end of a tongue, but it's not really strong. To be honest it can be easly missed.

Bell's Original is a cheap whisky, that is bearable neat, but personally I'd sugest to add some mixer to it. Ice and some coke should do the job.
There is not much to say about nosing or tasting. It's not whisky that was meant to be drank neat, but make a base for cocktails and be served with ice.
18. Jun 2017
27. Apr 2017