Arran Amarone Cask Finish

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Scotland, Islands
Single Malt Whisky
0.7 l
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09. May 2020
Nosing: CherryChocolateBerries honestly not the most complex of noses. it has a dryness on the nose though. Adding water it's so, so much nicer, Strawberry rose hips, Herbs soft spices of Cinnamon like notes. maybe cardamom.

Taste: BerriesCherryStrawberrySweetOakRed Currant with water added there is a richer mouthfeel.

Finish: MelonCherryCinnamon

Comment: You need to add water and time to this one. I tried neat and almost thought I got ripped off. There was just nothing going on on the nose, the taste was a bit of a joke. But cutting down some of the hotness really brings out what this has to offer. Would be nice if there was an age statement, feels like it needs more time, but with water it's good. More time could've made it incredible though.
19. Mar 2019
Nosing: SweetCherryFruit

Taste: Dried FruitCherryOakSpicesSweet


Comment: Oh my! What a DELIGHTFUL Dram!! Even at 50 ABV it is soft on the nose! Sweet. This Arran is not a sherry bomb, it's a CHERRY bomb! Wonderful fruity, dark cherry aromas on the nose. Luscious, mouthwatering taste. Spicy but sweet. Taste of dark cherry and other dark, dried fruit comes smartly through. Long aftertaste, lingering. Still spicy, still mouthwatering, cinnamon in the back. Still sweet, but never syrupy sweet. The sweetness of dark cherries throughout on the nose, palette, after taste. What a wonderful bottle. I paid $65UDS (plus shipping). I love sherry bombs, but this is my first cherry bomb. At 50 ABV priced about right, me thinks! This is a bottle to share with friends, and sit around to discuss and compare. Watch Horst's video on this variety. Spot on! A definite buy!
13. May 2017
16. Jun 2017
13. Oct 2018