Ailsa Bay PPPM 021/SPPM 011

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Ailsa Bay
Scotland, Lowlands
Single Malt Whisky
0.7 l
Original bottling

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28. Oct 2017
18. Oct 2018
Nosing: Rauch Eiche Öl Nüsse Honig
Smoke, more coal/wood than peat. Heating oil, Some nutty / earthy notes. Some honey sweetness showing through the smoke.

Taste: Süße Rauch Früchte
Sweet arrival. Peat smoke, definite tarry elements to it. Remains fairly sweet throughout, almost toffee like. Doesn't get acrid like a lot of peated malts. Once you get acclimatised to the smoke some general fruitiness shows through.

Finish: Lagerfeuer Früchte
Long, with lots of bonfire smoke, residual fruitiness.

This is a very nice compromise for people who like a bit of peat in their whisky but don't want their heads blown off by it. There's enough character here to make this worth a try for sure. It's a little more expensive for a young whisky, but it is bottled at a good strength and isn't so rough around the edges as to be unpleasant. Very much worth a try.
19. Dec 2017
25. May 2016
04. Jul 2016