Aberlour a'bunadh Batch 57

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Scotland, Speyside
Single Malt Whisky
0.7 l
Original bottling
Sherry - Oloroso
Chill filtration - WithoutArtifical colouring - Without

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30. Nov 2017
As one of the few NAS whiskies I really like, Aberlour A'bunadh rarely disappoints. This Speysider needs water and a bit of experience to be fully enjoyed. It's a sherry monster with an intense aroma of prunes, dried fruits and crème brûlée. Tasting strong, with a nice interplay of sweet and dry notes, the well-balanced Spanish oak contributes to a rich mouthfeel. The finish is long and warming with mixed spices, cloves and traces of cayenne pepper. A great bang for your buck Single Malt which is often considered the sherried equivalent to Ardbeg Uigeadail.
RATING: 4.0/5.0 ≙ 88 pts
28. Nov 2017
This is not an everyday Whisky. This one is the one for special occasions. My wife bought it for me as a wedding anniversary gift and even before we’ve opened it, I knew that it will be spectacular and it is indeed.
I have it together with Batch 47! Glass by glass. Oh! What a wonderful moment! … just as I suspected - both are different! Seriously. And the difference between them is huge. I mean, the quality is almost about the same, but the nose and the palate!
We have the right to expect constancy from Johnnie Waker, Ballantine’s or other blends, but not from different (small) batches of single malts.
The Batch 47 was UNBELIEVABLE!!! It is indeed the best of the best Whiskies I’ve tried.
Now, about the Batch 57:
Unfortunately it's not Single Cask anymore.
Color: the same, wonderful deep Amber- Calvados, natural without any imperfections.
Nose: Sherry, Cocoa, wood, sweet raisins, dried figs, star anise, hazelnut. Definitely different than the Batch 47. I miss that typical tonka beans note which I immediately found in the old one 23/25
Taste: ripe cherries, banana, vanilla. After a while, burnt caramel appears, cinnamon, grapes, Grapefruit, sweet orange, dark chocolate, ripe pear, dates 23/25
Finish: caramel, prunes, bitter chocolate, cloves. Very long and pleasant 24/25
Balance: perfectly balanced 25/25
Overall, Maltmark 95/100

I’m still looking for perfection (100/100), but is it possible to find it in an imperfect world? After one of José’s reviews about the Glenmorangie Signet, I’ve decided to keep looking. Congratulations Man. Your reviews are great! … by the way, I’m really surprised that you haven't had and reviewed this one yet. It's number six of all best selling Single Malts in the world. I look forward to reading what you are going to write us about this FANTASTIC dram.

Das ist nicht ein Whisky, den Mann jeden Tag trinken soll. Er ist kann nur für spezielle (okazje) sein! Meine Frau hat mir ihn als Hochzeitstagsgeschenk gegeben. Sogar bevor wir ihn aufgemacht haben, wusste ich schon dass er wird ausgezeichnet sein. Selbstverständlich hatte ich recht.
Ich habe ihn mit Batch 47 zusammen. Mann! Wie wunderschön ist das denn! … genau wie ich gedacht habe, beide sind unterschiedlich! Wirklich. Der Unterschied ist riesig. Ich meine… die Qualität ist sogar fast gleich gut, aber der Nase und der Körper!
Wir haben ein Recht Stabilität zu erwarten wenn’s geht um Johnnie Walker, Ballantine’s oder andere Blends. Aber nicht wenn wir Single Malt Small Batches Whiskies kaufen.
Batch 47 war UNGLAUBLICH!!! Er ist doch meiner beste Whisky den ich probiert habe.
Und jetzt, Batch 57 review:
Leider kein Single Cask mehr.
Farbe: die gleiche wunderbare Tiefe Bernstein-Calvados Farbe. Natürliche, ohne Unvollkommenheiten.
Nase: Sherry, Kakao, Holz, Sultaninen, getrocknete Feigen, Sternannise, Haselnüsse. Definitiv unterschiedlich zu den Batch 47. Ich vermisse diese wunderbare Tonkabohnen Note die ich in der alten Batch gefunden habe. 23/25
Körper: Reife Süskirschen, Bananen, Vanille. Nach einiger Zeit, dunkel Karamellnote kommt, Zimt, Weintrauben, Grapefruit, Blutorange, dunkle Schokolade, Reife Birnen, Datteln 23/25
Finish: Karamell, getrocknete Pflaumen, bitter Schokolade, Nelken. Lang und angenehm 24/25
Balance: Perfekt 25/25
Generell: 95/100
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