The Ardbed distillery on a nice day

Visit the Ardbeg distillery at the south end of the Isle of Islay.

The Sign in front of the Altmore distillery

See the Aultmore distillery that produces for Dewars.

The Allt-a-Bhainne pot stills

See the young Allt-a-Bhainne distillery from the Speyside.

The Aberfeldy dunnages in a wide angle photo

See the Aberfeldy distillery next to the River Tay.

The white buildings of the Auchroisk distillery.

See the Auchroisk distillery. It supplies for J&B Whisky.

The Auchentoshan distillery with the barrels in front of the building with the kiln

Visit Auchentoshan distillery at the border to the Highlands.

The Aberlour pot stilles

See the Aberlour distillery with its pear shaped pot stills.

A wide photo of the Ardmore dunnages

See Ardmore with its 5.2 million liters output each year.

A wide shot of of the Arran distillery

Visit the famous Isle of Arran. A very remote distillery.

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Nosing: :vanilla: :cinnamon: :sweetness: :blackberry: :barley: :smoke:

Taste: :smoke: :floral: :vanilla: :melon:

Finish: :smoke: :sweetness: :berries: :oak:

Comment: leat is absolutely not the dominant influence. It is an element, but is secondary to this whisky's sweet and floral themes. Even some fruit presence show up before the smoke stakes it's claim.

Peat is more prominent on the palate than this whisky's nose suggested might be the case. A smoky finish lingers as well. Still not overpowering by any stretch of the imagination, but one is not likely to expect that from The GlenDronach - even with "peated" on the label. Finish is soft, but long. Oak spiciness doesn't appear until very late.

A very satisfying crossover between typical offerings from The GlenDronach and peated whisky. Even sans the peat, this whisky is an enjoyable departure from the sherry-bomb standards that The GlenDronach is known for.

For peat alone, this whisky is a 3-star rating. For representation of The GlenDronach's usual distillery character, again 3 stars. But marry the two, and 4-stars is well-warranted.