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James E. Pepper
First this single malt whisky matured in normal oak casks and was then finished in special selected sherry casks. By doing that Aberlour keeps its significant fruitiness.
This is a Ardbeg TEN in a very special casing. It comes in leather optic with a chain.
This is the standard bottling of Chivas Regal. It's a balanced and smooth blended Scotch whisky..
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Looking out the windows of the Bowmore distillery, you can see the rock 'Black Rock' in the distance. It gave the bottling its name. The Black Edition was matured for the most part in Spanish sherry casks.
Four Roses
Caol Ila
The 12-year-old is the standard bottling of Cragganmore. It is one of Diageo's Classic Malts of Scotland.
With their 12-year-old standard bottling, Glenfiddich helped to establish the single malt whisky category worldwide. Today it is still the best-selling single malt whisky in the world.
This is the 10-year-old standard bottling from Glengoyne. The distillery is owned by the independent bottling company Ian McLeod and is the southernmost distillery of the Scottish Highlands.
This single malt was ripened in port wine barrels. Spicy notes develop with some water. The finish is gentle, soft and long. The old Port Wood Finish was a favorite with connoisseurs.
Jack Daniel's