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Original bottling / 21. Dec 2017
Status: Closed
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Until 2017 Ardbeg Fans could only buy the 3 standard bottlings. Now, there's a new whisky character of the distillery to discover: An Oa (an:oh) is inspired by the lonely area Islay and is sweeter and more aromatic than his brother TEN.
This was the first bottling of the newly opened Ardbeg distillery under the new banner. It was bottled from 90% ex-bourbon casks and 10% ex-sherry casks. The Ardbeg Uigeadail is fruitier and smoother than the normal Ardbeg TEN.
An Ardbeg TEN with a very nice gift pack and two Ardbeg glasses.
A very nice gift pack of an Ardbeg TEN with a big tumbler. The tumbler is just big enough to hold 0.5 l of liquid.
This Balvenie was matured in old sherry and bourbon casks. It makes this scotch interesting but also mild. The orange flavour and a deep sweetness make it a true gem among malt whiskies.
Signatory Vintage - The Un-Chillfiltered Collection - 20. Jun 1994 / 25. Apr 2007
Status: Closed
Status: Closed
The Bowmore malts are moderately smoky by Islay standards, with around 35 ppm. The use of sherry casks gives the bottlings a complex and fruity character. The distillery itself describes its well-known standard bottling as 'vanilla ice cream on a...