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The most important novelty in the new Auchentoshan range. The 12-year-old replaces the old 10-year-old standard bottling. It's been matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks.
Status: Open
Matured in American white oak ex-bourbon casks and finessed in hand-slected bourbon barrels
Glen Garioch
Glen Garioch is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland (etd. 1797). Situated in the Eastern Highlands, in the valley of the Garioch in Old Meldrum between the Speyside and the east coast, Glen Garioch has been producing whiskies that please the...
With their 12-year-old standard bottling, Glenfiddich helped to establish the single malt whisky category worldwide. Today it is still the best-selling single malt whisky in the world.
The Distillery Edition of Glenfiddich was once sold under the name Cask Strength. Since the bottling is always diluted to a uniform 51% vol, the name was changed to Distillery Edition.
Lasanta in Gaelic means heat and passion. After maturing in American white oak barrels for ten years, he matured for another two years in Oloroso and PX sherry casks. This maturation process gives the Lasanta its round, well-balanced body. This is the...
Glenmorangie has the highest pot stills in Scotland. This gives the whiskey a particularly soft taste. The Quinta Ruban, Gaelic for ruby red, belongs to the distillery's Extra Matured range. The single malt matured in bourbon casks for ten years. This was...
Highland Park
Original bottling - Cask Strength Collection (Sign.)
Status: Open
One of THE iconic sherry malts. For years this has been the standard bottling of Macallan throughout the world. Now it has been discontinued in Europe, and prices are skyrocketing.
Maker's Mark
One of the best-known bourbon brands. Each bottle is sealed with red wax by hand. The high wheat content makes Maker's Mark exceptionally smooth.