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This Balvenie was matured in old sherry and bourbon casks. It makes this scotch interesting but also mild. The orange flavour and a deep sweetness make it a true gem among malt whiskies.
Buffalo Trace
The Single barrel is the standard bottling of the Blanton's distillery. The single barrel gives the whisky a very natural taste.
Original bottling - Distillers Edition (Diageo)
Status: Open
Dalmore's 12-year-old expression has been matured in ex-bourbon and ex-Oloroso sherry casks. The portion of sherry casks in the mix has been increased compared to former times, making it much more complex.
Original bottling - The Classic Malts of Scotland
Status: Empty
This bottling of Dalwhinnie is one of the most sold Classic Malts of Scotland. The aroma of the Single Malts shows nuances of heather and peat smoke. The subtle, fruity-sweet taste goes over to an elegant and long finish.
Heaven Hill
This Small Batch Bourbon is bottled from specially chosen casks. The Master Distiller picks not more than 50-75 casks from the middle level of the warehouse.
For the maturation of this Whisky, Glenfiddich adopted the "Solera" procedure from Spanish Sherry production. Whiskies matured in different casks (Oloroso Sherry, Bourbon, virgin oak) are married in a unique Solera vat made from oregon pine.
The finish in new, aromatic French Limousine oak casks gives this whisky a spicy note combined with smooth, fruity and floral aromas.
18 long years of maturation and the addition of ex-sherry casks make this Glenlivet much more complex than the popular 12-year-old standard bottling. Despite its quality it's still much more affordable than a lot of other 18-year-old single malts.
Glenmorangie uses his barrels only twice. For the flagship in the range, The Original, the malt was ripened in First and Refill Bourbon casks. Original bottling is one of Scotland's best-selling single malts.
This 18-year-old Glenmorangie has been matured in bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks. The typical Glenmorangie smoothness is complemented by spices and oak notes.
Highland Park
Status: Open
This 12 year old Macallan was the classic one of the distillery for a long time. It is no longer produced today. But some bottles are resurfacing here and there.